video with Amy Crockett on the IASA website

Take a look at this video on how to start your Business Architecture practice in your Organization with Amy Crockett.

My name is Amy Crockett, and I am the Director of Enterprise Business Architecture at VF Corporation. The reason I would say you would want to listen to me is that I have been in this field since 2007. I have found it very beneficial in transitioning out of an IT role into the business role, and being able to really help enable the business to achieve its goals and having us partner with the business as well as other practitioners.

They got involved in January 2015, so right over a year. That was why I was brought into the organization. I was previously at another company for 17 years and helped up their business architecture practice. Through some of the conferences and conversations and dialogues like this, they found out about me. We had conversations and it turned into an opportunity for me to come and help [BS 00:00:31] set up their business architecture practice.

I would say probably, initially, it started from a complexity issue in IT as well as investment run rate spend. Those were the 2 things that really were keeping them from being able to move forward. Because of that, they knew that they needed to change their focus. There’s one particular gentleman leader there that really gets it. He proposed that they start looking at this from a business architecture perspective and that we look at capabilities because from that, we can drive what work we should be doing. We could probably reduce complexity, reduce duplication and thereby reducing your run rate and your spend and being able to have money free to do other type of work.

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