by Tom Graves on Tetradian's website

I know, I know, yes, I really am trying my hardest to break away from the ruination that is current ‘enterprise’-architecture. Yet I still keep getting dragged back there, every time I try to take a step away…

The latest has been been some comments on my earlier post ‘The bucket-list – changing direction‘, and in particular this one from Andras Szakal:

"Tom – The fix is not to suggest that Enterprise Architecture needs to change but rather a practice of Business Architecture is necessary. Which is where we are heading. The challenge is that most EA practitioners land in various camps on the application of EA. In truth the current practice of EA can cover a variety of organizational / business areas and is certainly not limited to just EA-IT. But businesses leaders define these distinctions not standards bodies and we must be flexible to accommodate the landscape. Your observations seem more applicable to the evolving practice of Business Architecture."

The short answer is that yes, that’s one possible fix. But it risks being the kind of ‘fix’ that’s best described as ‘duct-tape architecture’ – in other words, a bad kludge on top of an already abysmal kludge.

The key problem here is that what most people call ‘enterprise-architecture’ is actually a contraction of an older and more accurate term: ‘enterprise-wide IT-architecture’ [EWITA]. Which no doubt seems fair enough at first – after all, ‘enterprise-architecture’ is a useful shorthand for EWITA. The catch is that that contraction becomes dangerously misleading when we move beyond an IT-only domain, and outward towards the enterprise itself.

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